Anam Nasca Workshops and Training



Atlantis Castlebar General Poster 3

Way of the Snake 131215


gateways to the soul Atlantis 151015 2

Earthangel shamanic groupSoul Retrieval Earthangels

Shamanic Healing of the Heart and Soul Poster 2.jpg

Gateways to the soul 290315

Shamanic Soul Atlantis 050315

Family Tree Atlantis Workshops

Soul Healing workshop 12.01.14

Sacred Mountain Drum Circle Atlantis

The Path of the Shamanic Healer 01.12.13

Saor Anam Monthly

atlantis Meditation

Soul Retrieval Belfast 17.08.14

Soul Retrieval Workshop CB

Past Life Healing2 Castlebar 11.09.14

Soul Healing with Earth Energy 12.01.14 3

Ballaghadereen 21.11.13 A42.jpg

Flight of the Soul 2 workshop 19.10.13

Secrets of Shamanism Workshop Poster 05.07.13

Belfast Monthly Shamanic Group

Find Your Soul Purpose 220215


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