Online Soul Readings By Anam Nasca

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Online Psychic Soul Readings By Anam Nasca

Anam Nasca has been providing Psychic Soul Readings for many years on a one to one basis. Now, due to unprecedented demand, Anam Nasca is offering the convenience of these readings in your own home, online, for those who cannot access Anam Nasca personally, or prefer an online reading.

Psychic Soul Readings can be accessed via Skype, email, Facebook messaging or by phone.

Psychic Soul Readings speak directly of the condition of the soul.

Psychic Soul Readings are of a similar nature to regular Psychic readings, in that, information is passed on regarding future direction and important issues arising for the individual, where direct questions are addressed. Psychic Soul Readings differ, however, in that, Anam Nasca, makes direct contact with the Soul, or ‘Higher Self’, to gain information relating to balance in the Mind, the Body and the Spirit. This means that issues such as emotional blockages, past trauma and spiritual direction are also gently and directly addressed. Where the effect of the negative energy of past events and experiences can be highlighted in an attempt to bring the individual back into full life balance.

Important areas highlighted are:

• Love and Relationships

• Career information

• Soul Contracts

• Lifelong Emotional Blockages

• Spiritual Direction

• Cleansing of the Mind, Body and Spirit

• Distance Healing

• Psychological, emotional and Physical issues

Anam Nasca’s readings are confidential, life-affirming and aim to facilitate bringing the individual into balance, therefore promoting health, happiness and well-being.


Skype: anamnasca

Facebook: Online Soul Reading By Anam Nasca.


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