Power and Totem Animals

                                                          The Dove Totem

3 dovesThe Dove Totem is one of the most powerful and symbolic carriers of messages from the Spirit world. Dove is the representation of Spirit and speaks of love and connection to Spirit. If a dove crosses your path or appears in dreams and journeys, you are being told that you are loved and held close to Spirit. The dove speaks of the feminine energy of peace and love and a threefold connection between the human, animal and spiritual world. True personal, social and spiritual beauty and love awaits you.

Hope springs eternal when the dove comes into view. All is well and everything is being looked after. You are being held in the arms of Source energy. You have nothing to fear. As fear is the opposite of love, the loving energy of dove tells you that you must throw off the ball and chain of fear and take flight. Your horizons are unlimited and it is time to manifest your wildest dreams and aspirations.

Dove tells you that you must walk in grace and beauty and do not have any relationship with anger, fear, resentment or envy. Positive loving energy is the gift of dove and is a reflection of this loving energy within you. Spirit is telling you that, in your natural, untouched state, you are a being of and a conduit for, loving source energy. Regardless of the negative impact of this three dimensional world, your true nature is love and love at a cellular and spiritual level.

Dove is an indicator of loving, lasting relationships towards your self and all those around you. In the wild, the dove is monogamous and mates for life, with the male taking an active role in parenting the offspring. This tells you that a loving, productive relationship is on the way, or that you have stability and great loving energy in your existing relationship. You must recognize this, have confidence in your ability to love and expand your loving boundaries. With dove, self love is essential, therefore look for ways to love yourself. Love is a responsibility and when dove appears, you are given the task of caring for and nurturing those around you

Dove is also highlighting new beginnings and reconciliation. In the biblical story of Noah, the dove appears with an olive branch when land is almost in sight and hope is again renewed. Dove is the covenant between the creator and humanity and tells us that we are not in separation from Source and we are as one with all things. Source is within us and we should look within to find our true nature and connection to Source. It is your task to spread the peace and love of Source energy. When three doves appear, it is symbolic of Christ consciousness.

To the shaman, dove is one of the most powerful totems in the animal kingdom. If dove crosses your path, expect wonderful, magical things to take place. It is time to manifest your destiny, to open yourself up to the wonders around you and to heal from the ravages of the past. Manifest in grace, peace and love and all things will come to you and all negativity will subside. Dove tells you that you are truly blessed by Source.

© Anam Nasca 2012


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