Spirit Healing

Soul Retrieval – Retrieving fragmented parts of ourselves that left on the point of trauma to protect  ourselves.

Family Tree Healing – Clearing negative energies from our family line, passed down over generations.

Spiritual Life Coaching – Speaking directly to you soul to discover Life Purpose, Spiritual Direction and your Soul Path.

Mediumship – Communicating with Family, Friends and Loved Ones who have passed on.

Shamanic Healing – Connecting to higher wisdom to help heal you on a Physical, Emotional and Spiritual level.

Shamanic Energy Work – Working with positive and negative energies to bring balance back into your life.

Spirit Clearance – Clearing negative energies from You, Your Home and Your Workspace.

Contact with Earth Spirits and Elementals – For the purpose of Land and Property information.

Home Gatherings – All of the above, within the intimacy of your own home or nominated venue.

Shamanic Training and Workshops – Specified training around Shamanic Methods and Practices.

If you would like an appointment, please fill out the contact for below:


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